The Woman in the Red Coat

It’s been snowing all day today. I don’t think I have experienced such an incredible snowfall since I moved to the UK. There are notices in all Underground stations in London, warning us about the adverse weather conditions. Trains are experiencing delays, the public is gravely alert with each step, and the traffic is extremely slow. My day, however, has been extremely peculiar yet memorable.

As I was at Canning Town station, exiting the DLR from Stratford City, there was a woman. She was about 4’9 and relatively skinny. She wore a bright red coat, a black hat and tiny glasses with an off-brown reflection to them. She walked with such grace and confidence that I remained transfixed for a minute or two. I looked away as I stepped onto the slippery escalator that would later lead me to my platform. I eyed the station and no one seemed to strike my attention, as the woman in the red coat did. I darted my eyes towards the woman again and caught her mumbling to herself, and soon enough, there was a smile upon my face. A smile, because it occurred to me that this is what makes London so remarkable. The poise that people muster to speak to themselves even though they are well aware that there are dozens of people watching, is truly marvelous. Having lived in diverse areas of the world and having experienced plenty of incidents, this one has been genuinely notable. But then again, I have an eye for what is odd and often seen as nonsensical or idiotic.

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