Dear Asaram Bapu,

Yet again the girl is put at blame. Why? Cause she boarded the bus at midnight and the men were drunk. There was a way to stop it – she should have begged and prayed and not boarded the bus at midnight.

Tell me ‘Bapu’, would you rather she walked the streets at midnight, which any human being would consider more unsafe? Do you not think she prayed and begged till she grew tired? Are you really going to use alcohol as an excuse? Very well then, I am going to set a few men to severely torture you and then claim that they were drunk. I am then going to state that you should have begged and prayed, I mean you are a ‘Bapu’ and all. Praying should come naturally to you, isn’t it? Doesn’t sound too appealing does it now, ‘Bapu’? Also, ‘Bapu’, would your remarks be the same if it were your daughter, niece or even wife? I am guessing not. Tell me, ‘Bapu’, does the Bhagvad Gita not teach us to treat all people as equals? Why then do you blame this girl? Also, ‘Bapu’ does the Bhagvad Gita forbid the consumption of alcohol? Why then are you supporting it with so much confidence? How does it feel ‘Bapu’? To have enraged so many people who thought so highly of you? ‘Bapu’, I don’t even know you and you have caused me such anger and sadness. 

I am surprised and enraged by the remarks this ‘Bapu’ gave. I didn’t even know who he was till today. But from what I know, a person is often called ‘Bapu’ when they are devotees of God. And the fact that these words came from a devotee of God, sickens me to my very core. How he dared to utter those words, I can not fathom. The way I look at the whole situation is that, he is as pathetic and as cowardly as those rapists. And he most definitely does not deserve to be called ‘Bapu’. Why pray so much? Why preach so much? When you’re going to turn around and stab the whole system like so? I am currently studying the Bhagvad Gita and although I haven’t gotten into the in depth bits, I have come across parts that stress human equality and fairness. This ‘Bapu’ seems to have forgotten that while saying those disgust filled words. Now if you’re wondering what this has to go to do with human equality and fairness, I’ll tell you how I see it. The men did wrong, they did terrible, the girl was vulnerable and an innocent passenger in a night bus, and hence the men should be punished oh so brutally. This, in my eyes brings about human equality and fairness.

I have grown sick of how lightly people take situations like these. It worries me that someone so respected (apparently) would utter such things. It depresses me that I can’t do anything about it, except pray for such people to be punished and shunned from any respect.

[My letter to Asaram Bapu; written a week ago, after his pathetic comments.]

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