Is abortion ethical?

Abortion is one of the most talked about topics in my friend’s circle. Each one of us, like most people, have our own views on whether or not abortion is ethical.

When I was still in High School and the question of ethics came up, my mind immediately replayed the teachings of my family. Having grown up in a family that disapproves activities such as dating while still in school, the consumption of meat and alcohol, premarital sex and interracial marriages, it occurred me to soon enough the abortion would be out of the question. However, growing up made me question the ethics that were whispered over and over again into my ear as a young girl. I began to think whether dating was really such a major thing. I thought about how alcohol abuse, if done in moderation, is really that bad. I thought and I shared. I shared with peers, with teachers and with my family. With each person, I got varied responses and views. But then I thought for myself. What is it that I think? What are my thoughts on abortion? Premarital sex? Alcohol Consumption? My views on each one of them was somewhat different to the other. This, topic being about abortion, I am going to focus on that.

Abortion. Probably the biggest and most courageous step taken by a female. Abortion is no child’s play. Abortion is the difficult bit. Now the actual question, is it ethical? Yes and no. People that know me will often find that I never have one view. Anyway, yes when it is solely the woman’s decision. Yes because, I believe to raise a child in this world, you have got to want to raise one and not have to raise one. I believe abortion is morally correct as, when decided by the female, it is an act of honesty. And what better ethic do we have to offer in this world than honesty? Yes, because if a woman is not ready, she is not ready. She may be branded selfish or a sinner, but this life is hers to live, and if she does not want a child, she does not want a child. Yes, when there is a complication in the pregnancy or a risk to the mother’s life. And finally, yes, when the female was impregnated by rape.

No, when it is forced upon her. When it is decided by the female’s family or partner.  For instance, in India, where women that are impregnated with girls are forced to have an abortion. That is morally incorrect, for the body in which the baby is developing belongs to the woman, and hence the decision should be made by no one but the woman. And lastly, no, when the abortion is not medically possible.

As I read upon my views, I notice that some of my views contradict with one another, such as the decision being solely of the female. This could mean, when a married couple accidentally get pregnant, and the female wishes to have an abortion where as the male wishes for her to carry on with the pregnancy. I am quite unsure how I would tackle such a question, just yet.

For now, these are views and I am absolutely certain they will change plenty as time passes, like most my views do.

Let’s say the question were, would I get an abortion? I know for a fact that I can not do it. If, however, I was in the situation of getting an abortion, and still unmarried. I would do it, I would muster up the courage solely for my family’s dignity. I would have the abortion for them. This again, contradicts with my view on it being the female’s decision. However, if  I were married and my husband did not want the baby, I would demand a divorce and raise the child on my own.

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