Duty Calls

Dear Baby,

You’ve been with me for eight months now. I feel you inside me each day; nothing makes me happier than when you kick. Baby, it’s winter now and the snow is beginning to fall, the best thing about the winter is Christmas, and the best thing about Christmas is the Carols. The Carols, they make me smile, they give me hope. I always need reminding of hope. I’ve been quite weak since your Papa left, but Baby, I promise to be strong for you, to be a warrior.

I still haven’t heard from your Papa, but I know he is somewhere out there, brave as a lion, keeping the Country safe and longing to come home. The Lord will keep your Papa safe. Baby, your Papa is a fearless man, he fights with grace. Your Papa was strong when they took your Uncle; Papa’s twin. Papa smiled and told me, he is watching us from above.

The enemy is getting stronger, my Baby. It is getting difficult to leave the hut, I have to be careful when going to Ms. Elizabeth’s now. Oh yes, I still do the cleaning, it’s all for you, my child, all for you. They blew up the local School last week, our neighbour lost two children, I am terrified, but I trust the Lord. There are days when I wish I could keep you inside me, just so that I know you are safe and away from the dangers this world holds, but Baby I know that is not possible.

Baby, when you are part of this world I want you to be brave, I want you to face this world and to stand up for what you believe in. Baby, I want you to grow, to discover, and to explore the hidden beauty of this world, oh to explore. I wanted to be an explorer, but I gave up too quickly. Baby, don’t ever give up, you fall, I want you to get back up again, you fall again, I want you to get back up again and I want you to keep getting back up, even if your knees are sore and bleeding. I want you to live your dream baby. Cause I know it’s possible and Baby, trust the Lord, no matter what.  

I have to go now, its 6 AM and duty calls.

I love you, my Baby. I love you so much.


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