What is a relationship?

Movies and books and T.V. shows. The influence they have on relationships are truly indescribable  I often find people wishing for a relationship like Rachel and Ross and the likes. Relationships to different people mean different things. To some people it is to fill in the void of loneliness and to others it is consent to part take in sexual activities. To some people it is a beautiful, heartfelt experience and to others it is an important part of life that requires going through.

Relationships to me are but a label, a mere name given to the bondage between two people that care about each other. A significance given to two people that enjoy each other’s company and are attracted to one another, in someway or another. An identification that leads to complications and worry.

The way I see it, once you are bound by someone, once you have officially made your significant other, your significant other, things tend to get out of hand. Expectations are increased and rules are set. Yes, yes the individual understands you and knows everything about you. Yes, you would happily spend ample amounts of time with them. Yes, they are your first port of call for any sort of situation. Yes, you love them to bits. Yes, they are your Saturday nights and Monday mornings. But then what? What happens when you start expecting things from one another? What happens when the love begins to fade? What happens when boundaries are set? What about when you have to stop being yourself, just because your significant other would be happy? That is one thing I fail to understand. Why put a label to something when you could have the exact same experience with someone without the label?

I hope to understand the sole reason behind relationships one day, but for now, I am content. I am happy that I am not bound by a single person.

Another major question I have is – if you truly care about that person, why would risk losing them by merely labeling the relationship?

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