Dear World,

I do things the way I do them because that is who I am, and will always be.

I am not very social and I don’t have a massive amount of friends because it is who I am, and I am content with the people I have in my life. I choose to spend most of my time indoors, because being outdoors is not something I fancy too much. I dwell in Literature and T.V. shows because they give me ample amounts of happiness, and fill the dark void of loneliness.  I write a journal so I can remember everyday of my life, good or bad. I repeat my meals because they leave me with a filled up stomach, and a reason to smile. I know squat about my religion, yet I pray each morning, so the ray of hope remains lit up in me. I cry often because it makes me feel less miserable. I wear zero make up and often have an awfully mismatched outfit, because clothes don’t matter a single bit to me. I tell silly jokes and don’t mind being the subject of people’s jokes, because it makes the people around me happy. I have done things I am not particularly proud of, and they’ve taught me to be a better person, friend, daughter and sibling. I’ve defeated expectations, and I’ve been defeated by expectations. I’ve been called names and I’ve called people names, because our world is a judgmental labyrinth. I have an unrealistic list of aspirations so I have something to work towards. 

I am my parents’ 20 year old, my siblings’ Oompa Loompa, and my friends’ Pat, Meers and Meera. 

I am only human, so give me a break.

Yours truly, 

A thinker, a dreamer and a listener. 

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