Red against blue.

The rain falls as he stands waiting for his sorrow to be washed away. It’s all a lie though, the rain doesn’t wash his sorrows away, all it does is make him tremble with cold. He makes his way back to his apartment, fourth floor, third one on the right, leaving a trail of his footsteps along the carpeted floor of the corridor. Inside his apartment, he heads directly to the bathroom, still leaving a trail of footsteps, now on his carpeted floor. His bathroom is warm and smells of fresh lavendar, its tiles are light blue and its walls, grey.

The mirror that reflects him shows a tall, sallow skinned, bearded man. He stands there thinking of his life and how he is such a failure. He thinks of his parents and how they had abandoned him. He thinks of his girlfriend and how she had so easily slept with his very own brother. He thinks of his job. His car. He reaches for the gun that is placed right beside his shaving instrument. His apartment. His grandmother. He holds the gun to his temple shaking with fear. He had failed in everything. The last thing he thinks of is this world and how horrible it is, how everyone just loved people that were successful, rich and good looking. All thats left to do now is to pull the trigger, he smiles at the thought of that. He thinks of how no one ever did love or care for him. Bang.

The blood splashes across the grey wall and touches the floor; red against blue. He falls to the ground with a thud, the blood along with his sorrow begins to pool around his lifeless body.

Red against blue. 

Peace defeats all

Yet another rape hits Delhi, and this is one that we know about. Can you just imagine how many there are that we don’t even know about? I genuinely can not understand what the Indian government is doing. Are they merely just sleeping through it all? Are women so insignificant and unworthy in India? I am so angry.

This time, its a five year old girl. Five! I don’t know what was going through the mind of that misogynist rapist. Is he so twisted that he cannot hear the cries of a baby girl? Is this really what humanity has fallen to? It sickens me, it sickens me that I live in a world in which misogyny is still existent  It sickens me that the Indian Government still hasn’t done anything about it. And it sickens me that there are such twisted, heartless and violent people living among us.

Not only did the brute rape her, he tortured her. She was found with all sorts of stuff inside of her body. I cannot understand what makes men do this. What is about women that they hate so much? Do women not give them birth? Do they not get undying and unconditional love from women? It is beyond me that to this day, in 2013, how stuff like this happens right under our noses, and the government takes no initiative whatsoever. Now I know the Indian government had the whole Rape Bill discussion, but no good has come of it, has there? The fact that a 5 year old was raped and tortured is pure proof of this.

Also, what exactly is the matter with the police? How could they possibly not register the case in time? This may very well be the reason that women are afraid to stand up against rape, and the sole reason that men gain the courage to do more and more of it. If the people given the responsibility of protecting its country do not protect it, then who will? I mean, why take up the duty if you’re not going to live up to its expectations. And, later claiming that at least the girl is alive, excuse me, but you have no right to utter those words. It is due to the possible misconduct and delay of the police that this five year old endured what no one in the world deserved to. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the entire police force is apathetic, but it is police like this that makes us women doubt the entire justice system.

Come on, you guys, it is the 21st century. Let’s give peace and love a chance.

If I were omnipotent

Being omnipotent would be great. Just think of all the things you would be able to do. Read minds, gain more power, and whatnot.

If I were omnipotent I would put an end to misogyny. All this violence and hostility against women would finally see an end. I would be there for every woman in the world that has been subject to misogyny, protecting her and helping her heal.

If I were omnipotent, I would get a man to live the life of a woman for a single day, just so he can see how much stronger women are than him. With all the gawks and the whistles. With the probability of getting sexually abused so high, yet women still muster the courage to step outside of their comfort and safety. I would make a man experience this, so he can think twice before laying his perverted eyes and turpid thoughts on a woman. I would make a man be a victim to misogyny, so he can understand the pain and the consequences behind it. I would make the man go through the process of child birth, so he can value his wife and mother a lot more. I would for once, make the man be the woman that has been abandoned with little children, just so he can see the struggles she faces, but does not show.

If I were omnipotent for a day, I would want a man to live the life of a woman, just so, for once, he can learn to respect a woman, to love a woman, and to be proud of a woman.

Innocence Forsaken

Agile hands

unzip dresses and

undo buttons.


Kisses and laughter

camouflage nervousness.

Finger tips trace torsos,

uniting unfamiliar anatomies.


Melodious moaning

drowns the tick and the tock

of the giant clock.


Deep breaths and tired bodies,

fall into a slumber of virginity lost

and innocence forsaken.

My Safe Haven

I’m sat in my average-sized living room of my apartment on the 5th floor. I’m surrounded by massive windows, and furniture that is somewhat fancy. Despite the gloom outside, there’s a bunch of children kicking a football across the basketball court, with pigeons fluttering upon them. The cars are neatly parked, acting as a border to the basketball court. The sound of airplanes and trains, with their ever rolling travelers, is recurring.

I am like a zombie in comparison to all this life around me. I don’t want to talk to anyone, nor do I want significance of any sort. My mind and body are longing for an escape to a faraway place. A place that has often appeared in my dreams, and my daydreams. It is a place of unrhymed poetry, profound plot twists, and senseless photography. A  place with pages upon pages, of an arrangement and rearrangement of twenty-six letters. A place that is home to dark secrets, long silences, and morbid scars. Amongst these morbid scars, long silences, and dark secrets lies a passageway that leads up to six human characters in a modern City with ordinary accents, but extraordinary stories. It is also a wise place, that stresses fairness, unselfishness and reason. A place that holds the Universe with a strong red ribbon as lives are made, loves are lost, and stories are created.

It is a place that is isolated, yet full of life. A place in which I am never forsaken. It is my safe haven.