My Safe Haven

I’m sat in my average-sized living room of my apartment on the 5th floor. I’m surrounded by massive windows, and furniture that is somewhat fancy. Despite the gloom outside, there’s a bunch of children kicking a football across the basketball court, with pigeons fluttering upon them. The cars are neatly parked, acting as a border to the basketball court. The sound of airplanes and trains, with their ever rolling travelers, is recurring.

I am like a zombie in comparison to all this life around me. I don’t want to talk to anyone, nor do I want significance of any sort. My mind and body are longing for an escape to a faraway place. A place that has often appeared in my dreams, and my daydreams. It is a place of unrhymed poetry, profound plot twists, and senseless photography. A  place with pages upon pages, of an arrangement and rearrangement of twenty-six letters. A place that is home to dark secrets, long silences, and morbid scars. Amongst these morbid scars, long silences, and dark secrets lies a passageway that leads up to six human characters in a modern City with ordinary accents, but extraordinary stories. It is also a wise place, that stresses fairness, unselfishness and reason. A place that holds the Universe with a strong red ribbon as lives are made, loves are lost, and stories are created.

It is a place that is isolated, yet full of life. A place in which I am never forsaken. It is my safe haven.