If I were omnipotent

Being omnipotent would be great. Just think of all the things you would be able to do. Read minds, gain more power, and whatnot.

If I were omnipotent I would put an end to misogyny. All this violence and hostility against women would finally see an end. I would be there for every woman in the world that has been subject to misogyny, protecting her and helping her heal.

If I were omnipotent, I would get a man to live the life of a woman for a single day, just so he can see how much stronger women are than him. With all the gawks and the whistles. With the probability of getting sexually abused so high, yet women still muster the courage to step outside of their comfort and safety. I would make a man experience this, so he can think twice before laying his perverted eyes and turpid thoughts on a woman. I would make a man be a victim to misogyny, so he can understand the pain and the consequences behind it. I would make the man go through the process of child birth, so he can value his wife and mother a lot more. I would for once, make the man be the woman that has been abandoned with little children, just so he can see the struggles she faces, but does not show.

If I were omnipotent for a day, I would want a man to live the life of a woman, just so, for once, he can learn to respect a woman, to love a woman, and to be proud of a woman.

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