Peace defeats all

Yet another rape hits Delhi, and this is one that we know about. Can you just imagine how many there are that we don’t even know about? I genuinely can not understand what the Indian government is doing. Are they merely just sleeping through it all? Are women so insignificant and unworthy in India? I am so angry.

This time, its a five year old girl. Five! I don’t know what was going through the mind of that misogynist rapist. Is he so twisted that he cannot hear the cries of a baby girl? Is this really what humanity has fallen to? It sickens me, it sickens me that I live in a world in which misogyny is still existent  It sickens me that the Indian Government still hasn’t done anything about it. And it sickens me that there are such twisted, heartless and violent people living among us.

Not only did the brute rape her, he tortured her. She was found with all sorts of stuff inside of her body. I cannot understand what makes men do this. What is about women that they hate so much? Do women not give them birth? Do they not get undying and unconditional love from women? It is beyond me that to this day, in 2013, how stuff like this happens right under our noses, and the government takes no initiative whatsoever. Now I know the Indian government had the whole Rape Bill discussion, but no good has come of it, has there? The fact that a 5 year old was raped and tortured is pure proof of this.

Also, what exactly is the matter with the police? How could they possibly not register the case in time? This may very well be the reason that women are afraid to stand up against rape, and the sole reason that men gain the courage to do more and more of it. If the people given the responsibility of protecting its country do not protect it, then who will? I mean, why take up the duty if you’re not going to live up to its expectations. And, later claiming that at least the girl is alive, excuse me, but you have no right to utter those words. It is due to the possible misconduct and delay of the police that this five year old endured what no one in the world deserved to. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the entire police force is apathetic, but it is police like this that makes us women doubt the entire justice system.

Come on, you guys, it is the 21st century. Let’s give peace and love a chance.

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