Is India really independent?

ImageHappy Independence Day to each and every Indian around the world. Even those that don’t consider themselves Indian. Today is the 66th year of India’s independence. Being of India descent, I feel strongly attached to the country and its people. I must ‘pull the band-aid’ and say it, I have never been to India. Yes, I know. I know. I really, really want to visit though. I do.

As I was updating my Twitter and my Facebook with wishes of India’s independence, a question struck my mind. Is India really independent? I thought of the dozens of women in India, that are denied justice and are victims of misogyny on a regular basis. Does an independent nation not entail freedom? Why then are so many women in India raped and forced into marriage? Why do we hear of crimes upon crimes of issues related to dowry, acid attacks and gang-rapes? Why is it that an Indian woman is expected to sit at home and tolerate her abusive alcoholic husband? And should she file for divorce, she be classed unmoral! There are plenty of cases of female foeticide that we hear about. Why? Simply because a male is the preferred gender. All these crimes, this patriarchy, this misogyny, it occurs because a majority of the women are shunned from denying. They are not permitted to say no. This is not freedom. Now, I am not saying this is ALL Indian women, but a majority of them.

Tell me now, how can India be independent?


I was indifferent to the countless terrorist attacks and the crimes around the world. The only thing I cared about was the ongoing of patriarchy and misogyny around the world because it is the only thing I have really experienced and have been witness to. And so I know what it is like.   

But today, after the fire at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, I care as equally about crimes and terrorist attacks. The cause of the fire still remains unknown, but I spent the whole day enormously sullen. And I was baffled at how people could get on with their lives like nothing in the world has happened. But then again, that is how I used to be too. 

I thought about the dozens of countries that go through similar events, except theirs are on a daily basis.I am saddened that we live in a world like so. Also, I sort of got to thinking that terrorism does not have only to do with bombings and hijacks and massacres. I think, all sorts of crimes are terrorism. Rapes, murderers, domestic violence. So yeah, terrorists are all around us. Yes, terrorism is to do with a political motives, I understand that. But if things are put into perspective, the political aspect is looking to better the country, and the country is its people, and so terrorism is done to the people. As is criminal activity.

But that’s just my view.