‘Men are superior’. A phrase that has echoed in my head since I was 14. A phrase that I absolutely detest. Just a mere phrase like that gives men all the courage to disregard any refusal. ”Ah, come on, its okay, I promise it won’t hurt”. It gives the ‘go ahead to a man to threaten and abuse a woman, “you’re nothing, you’re a woman!”

‘A man is a man’. Something my A-level teacher once said to me. It has stuck ever since. Something that just shrugs off lightly when a man cheats in marriage and relationships, and walks out on his family. “Oh a man is a man, what are we gonna do about it?”

Men have dozens of phrases that will class their doings as, ”ah, its okay!”. Most of the men I have come across abide by this little rule. It sickens me and depresses me to my very core.

A man that chooses to disrespect anyone is not proving he is superior, he is a coward. Is hitting a woman, raping her, verbally abusing her, signs of manhood? No. Respecting a woman is. Loving a woman is. Accepting a woman is. Standing up for a woman is.

Is a simple no so difficult for a man to understand? Isn’t that a pity? They have to hear a woman say yes, they lack the courage to hear a no. Why? It will destroy their manhood. What manhood is that, anyway? How about respecting a woman when she says yes, that is manly, it is.

The truth is, men survive on this earth with their dominance. That is all. If they could only see and care to understand, that this dominance is actually cowardice. And that, their so called manhood will enliven the day they learn to respect a woman.

Also, I pity men that think the phrase, ‘a man is a man’, is something to be proud of. They are just automatically being labeled as probable rapist, probable domestic abuser, probable pedophile, probable serial killer, etc. Just like it was expected of him.

My distaste in men has been long sustained, I do not understand how I will ever fall in love with one, let alone get married to one.