Where is Humanity?

A teenage girl was killed by her family, because she fell in love.
They called it killing for honour; they said she shamed the family.
But that’s okay, because no iPhone has been lost!

A man of twenty-six has been murdered, because his lover was a man.
They called him unnatural, they said he deserved it.
But that’s okay, because no one missed a train!

A woman was gang raped and left to die.
They blamed her outfit, they said she was intoxicated.
But that’s okay, because, “oh, that dress fits!”

A country has been bombed, hundreds have lost their lives.
But that’s okay, because, “dudeeee that mix sounds sick!”

Another day passes, another month dawns, another year approaches,
Materialism replaces humanity, materialism replaces humanity.

Hakuna Matata


‘Kenya Yetu, Hakuna Matata’

A phrase that I’d listened to so often in my childhood, that it became the definition of my home country.

Kenya is its abundance of greenery,
Kenya is the roar of the lions.

Kenya is its heartfelt welcome,
Kenya is the scent of the forest.

Kenya is my home,
Kenya is my family.

The sound of the lions roar, the heartfelt welcomes and the scent of the forest were replaced today. By the sound of gunshots, the cries of help and prayer, the scent of gunfire and blood.

A forefinger met a trigger, a bullet fixed its target, and heaven was filled immediately with angels. The sounds of gunshots halted, and took with them the childhood of plenty.

Gallant heroes approached the building, and soon, distraught survivors appeared at the the entrance of the gate that has changed their lives.

Panic-ridden loved ones hope and pray.
Fellow citizens hope and pray.
Humanity hopes and prays.

I offer my salute to the gallant heroes, I offer my prayers to the angels in heaven, I offer my heart to the forsaken childhoods.

21st September 2013 – a day that has been inscribed in my memory.

Be Not Afraid

Raise your voice, however little it be – my most recent self created rule to live by.

Raise your voice,
for the oppressed,
for the voiceless,
for the suppressed.

Raise your voice,
for a book,
for a film,
for a song.

Raise your voice,
till your last breath.

Raise your voice,
be it through
a letter,
a poster,
an email,
a poem,
an article,

Be not afraid.

Raise your voice,
however little it be.

One Step at a Time

Gandhi Bapu once said, “be the change you wish to see in the world”. One of my favourite quotes and advice to live by.

Change is one of the greatest accomplishments of life, and as most people say, is the only constant.

I lay today, on the top bunk of my bed, wondering what it is I wish to change. I rummaged my Twitter timeline, for headlines and news reports I have tweeted or retweeted. And bam! I found one of the many things I wish to change – the charge against rape in India.

Rapes against Indian women are practised ever so often, and not much is being done about it. Being miles away from India, I thought about how I could make a difference to the charges against rape. I came up with an idea – to create a petition. A small step, yes. But we have got to start somewhere, right?

Please stand with me in this fight. All you have to do is sign the petition below. I would say to do it for your mother or your sister, for your girlfriend or your wife, but I’m not going to say that. All I’m going to say is, do it for humanity.


Thank you,
From me, the victims and their loved ones

Night After Night

I eye my reflection,

in the stained mirror

standing tall before me,

it is all but beautiful.


Beneath my narrow

body structure

and pale skin,

lie voices too morbid

to be vocalized.


I am no superwoman,

nor am I a friend.

Yet I surrender this

fragile body,

to wealthy strangers

night after night.


I can all but fight.

And so I am

victim to misogyny,

night after night.


My husband

once told me,

you’re a woman,

so stretch your arms

towards nothingness

and gladly accept

what is thrown

upon your arms.



he whispered,

you’re but a puppet,

and the world your puppeteer.

The Battle of Mankind

‘An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind’ – M.K. Gandhi

When I was a young girl, I hadn’t any idea what this phrase entailed. Every time I read it, I was always left thinking to myself, “what exactly is Gandhi Bapu trying to tell us here?”. Then, a few months ago, as I was reading a book, the meaning of it just came upon me. And yes, it is a pretty straight forward concept.

Througout the day, I thought about this phrase. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. An eye for an eye. Bam! My mind immediately diverted to the situation in Syria, and the plans of Obama.

Obama wants to bomb Syria. Why? Because of the thousands of people that died after the chemical attacks. He is taking an eye for an eye.

The minute Obama attacks Syria, there is a high chance of Iran attacking America. An eye for an eye. The cycle will undoubtedly carry on.

And, slowly by slowly, the world will be left with nothing. Why? Because mankind is much too focused on the notion of ‘an eye for an eye’.

Many of us have spoken this phrase, have accepted and understood its consequences. Yet it is practised day in and day out, in a vast number of situations. Our kind kill people for killing people because killing people is wrong. People are judged for judging people because judging people is wrong. It is a cycle that will never end, not in this day and age.

The one thing that struck me the most is that we carry on living, under the impression that mankind and its livelihood will improve, when in reality it is mankind that is in fact losing the battle.

The Switch

Human Being
Being Human

Two words, if switched around can hold a meaning so distinct, as though separated by an island.

For a better world, we must switch from the notion of human being to the notion of being human. Only then will peace prevail. Only then will violence diminish. Only then will love flow.

Let’s stand together in this. Let’s be human, instead of human beings.