The Cat, it’s Out!

Hey people,

Here’s me actually using my blog for blogging purposes. Another form of writing to add to my list! Yay! Also, someone did once tell me, to be a good writer, one must practice, practice, practice! So here goes.

I am now on my final year of my under-grad degree, and a few massive steps closer to doing what my heart truly desires – journalism. Notice the ‘massive’ in the sentence above. I don’t mean to be all pessimistic and spill water on my dreams, or anything along the lines of that. I’m just trying to see the bigger picture here – the flight of stairs I have to climb before embarking on the journalism dream. I don’t quite know why I am being so metaphorical, it’s not at all like me. Trust me, I am the least metaphorical person there is. Kind of reminds me of the metaphorical tunnel from Friends. I am waaaay off topic, my apologies. As I was saying though, there’s lots I have to do. Firstly, my dissertation. And then all the other essays and reports and projects and exams and scoring a stark 2.1. See? Lots!

I am writing my dissertation on terrorism, solely because it is a big deal. And because the way I see it, it needs a hundred times more the awareness it actually gets. Fun fact though – the only people reading my dissertation will be my lecturers and my friend. So raising awareness for them is slightly unnecessary, but hey, there’s that whole notion of word of mouth, right?

Being a senior has changed life for me, I can no longer choose to skip uni and blame it on the weather or waking up 15 mins late. Saddening, right? Also, I live closer to uni, so I can’t use that as an excuse anymore. Although, truth be told, I am not sure I want to. After two years in uni, I have somewhat had a change of heart on the whole uni-going fiasco. If it is in fact a fiasco. Anyway, summer showered upon me some calamities that in a way, put my education on a thread. And having to experience that really took it out of me. So here I am now, working harder than ever, and motivated more than ever. Also, I am so hugely inspired by Malala Yousafzai, that I actually enjoy going into uni! Yes, yes, the cat is out of the bag.

Oh, cats.

Reading has been really slow, evidently. Final year student and that. I am trying, though. In between bathroom breaks and all. Don’t lie now, we all read in the toilet. And Austen is incredibly difficult to put away.

Oh, my entire original uni class, well most of them, are on a year in industry. I’m not sure I miss any of them. Except one. The perks of being that quiet kid? I suppose so.

Other than that, I’ve been here and there with friends and family.

That’s it for now, thanks a million for reading.

Until next time,



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