Moral – not really though

For an enormous amount of time, I lived under the impression that butter was a form of edible glue that is used to hold together two toasts of bread. When it occurred to me that it is just a spread that adds flavour to food, I spent a little bit of my day pondering over the levels of stupidity I could possibly muster.

On my way to uni this morning, I was nibbling on one of the few things I can cook without the assistance of my family or friends – a home-made cheese sandwich. Which is not really home-made at all, seeing as the bread was made at a bakery and the cheese was made in a farm or factory somewhere (don’t judge me, I don’t know much of the world of food).  Anyway, as I walked and bit  at my sandwich, the cheese fell off. I laughed at myself for a second or two before proceeding to finish my now plain sandwich.

Moral of the story? I stand with my assumption that butter is in fact an edible glue.

Not really a moral, is it. More of an excuse-me-but-im-ALWAYS-right of the story. But hey, moral sounds more polite. And my mother stresses politeness. So this one’s for her. (miss her face)

How are you guys doing? I do hope you’re happy and doing well in school. Or at work. Or at home. Or at whatever it is that you do.

I’ve had to change my dissertation topic – twice. Why? Because I am not a journalist. I giggled when my tutor said that to me, and later had a little voice in my head tell her, thanks! Because, I took it as a compliment. Seeing as my interests lie solely on current affairs, and not the slightest bit on academics.

Ah, academics. I do not like you.

I have less than two days to come up with a topic, write up a proposal, and act as confident about it as I will be clueless. See what I mean when I say I do not like academics.


I had a fourty minute talk with a fellow Kenyan. That was the highlight of my day. Because, nothing beats talking about the rush at Diamond Plaza and bitching about Al-Shabab, when living miles and miles away from home. (sorry about the language)

Funny story – I almost typed miley instead of miles – not on purpose, honest.

Moving on,

I do hope you all have a swell week.

And I do hope I can find a part of my brain that will light up and be like, AH ACADEMICS! EAAASSSSYYY!

Thanks a trillion for reading some snippets of my Wednesday!

Chase thy dreams and believe in theeself – I’ll openly confess that I’ve been listening to audio books of Shakespeare’s sonnets. And I sit here brooding over where his sonnets have been in my 20 years of existence. (better late than never, though, right?)

Kwaheri until next time,


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