The Fairy-Tale Notion

I think the worst thing about fairy-tales is that they teach girls they have to depend on a certain Prince Charming to come and rescue them. They make it seem like up until the point Prince Charming doesn’t come into the picture, a girl is deemed to suffer. They build up a false notion that happy-ever-afters are only a possibility when girls have a Prince Charming by their side. They perceive girls to be so weak, inferior and not at all independent.

For a very long time, I believed in a Prince Charming. I believed that some time, along my life, a Prince Charming will appear before me, gallantly ready to rescue me. And we would embark, hand in hand, on a journey to create our happy-ever-after. I spent everyday shrugging off any form of ill-treatment, because I thought that when Prince Charming finally found me, he would make it all better. I remember living under the impression that life is like a fairy-tale, if it sucked now, it didn’t matter. Because one fine sunny day, when Prince Charming would walk into my life, everything would immediately get better. I wasted years of my life believing I was extremely weak and unworthy of feeling any form of happiness, and so inferior.

I am 20 years old now. And although it took me long enough, I have learned that, Prince Charming is a lie. No Prince Charming is going to rescue me. I am going to have to fend for myself, because life isn’t the slightest bit close to being a fairy-tale. And that when the clock strikes twelve, Prince Charming isn’t going to give a shit. I learned that, my life is only going to get better if I do something about it. You know what the best thing I learned is, though? That I do not need a Prince Charming to come and rescue me. Because I am strong enough. Because I can do it. And lastly, because I have girl-power.

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