”Is she your daughter? Friend?”, the shopkeeper a few yards away from my London flat asked my sister.

“She’s my sister” replied my sister, and my eyes immediately darted towards the grocery-items that lay upon the counter.

“How old she is?” he asked, and my eyes shot up at him as I broke out into an awkward smile. My sister insisted he guessed, and he thought for like a second or two before blurting out the number 14 FOURTEEN! My sister began to laugh, and said I am actually 20 years old, and the shopkeeper was in denial.

I am 20, I swear.

I don’t look 20, and apparently, according to Mr. Shopkeeper I look 14. My life is such a joke sometimes! Don’t get me wrong, looking young does have its perks – discounts and getting free candy, duh! But it can be a pain. Especially when you get the wide-eyed shocked look. I don’t like that look. I mean, 20 year olds can be short and chubby and socially awkward. Right?


I came to a few conclusions this past week. Feel free to carry on reading!

1) Halloween is actually a lot like prom – Everyone dresses up! Simple as that! And we’re all secretly trying to figure out who wore what best. I went as a dead hippie this year, a big jump from when I went as Darth Maul last year. Not as scary, but equally exciting.

2) If women were paid to be housewives, men would hate it – Now, it may seem like I have the stereotypical perception of all men being a**holes, but I don’t. I just happen to know/have read about/have watched a bunch of men that are a**holes. Let’s face it, men would hate it, it would battle with their manhood after all. And their manhood is their everything. Right? Ah well, the way I see it, at least. (I do not mean to offend any male here, and if I do, I am sorry!)

3) Your life is either a bore or on the right track if you don’t think about it in the shower (or in general) – Remember the days you spent a while in the shower thinking about your life? Yeah, me neither. I simply do not think of my life anymore. I don’t know whether that’s good or bad. I don’t know if I am happy or sad with my life. I just don’t think of it anymore. And hence the conclusion. Although I am unsure which one I am facing. I hope as hell it’s the latter, though.

4) If I love, I love – Basically, if I love something/someone I will love them more than a normal amount. *cough*harrypotter*cough*. On a serious note though, I love too passionately. And it’s a bit worrying seeing as the things I love passionately are either bands or poets or fictional things. Things that are way out of my reach. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my family and friends, too. But yeah, I am far too passionate sometimes. It worries me. Oh and the same applies for when I do not like something, I do not like it with a passion.

So yeah! That’s it. Thanks for reading, and thanks for being alive.

I spread tons of love.

And Happy Diwali to all that celebrate, and to the ones that don’t celebrate it, Happy Diwali to you too 😀



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