Thank-you, Paramore

I came across a picture on instagram – it was a picture of two hands, one hand slipping and the other grabbing the slipping hand. The slipping hand had ‘me’ written below it, and the grabbing hand had ‘Paramore’ written above it.

Every time I listen to a song by Paramore, there is always this one verse in each of their songs that fills up my heart with the sort of comfort that, hey everything is going to be okay. 

I have been listening to Paramore since I was in the 9th grade

And they are just too incredible, and maybe one day I’ll do a blog-post on one of their songs that is basically my life post-high school. Maybe.

Until then, this blog-post is a dedication to Paramore.

To Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor

Thank you for your music,


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