Seriously Serious Post

Most mothers are pleased with their daughters when they get a good grade or positive remarks from someone or the other. Mine, she’s pleased with me when I comb my hair. And when I do well in life, of course. But that’s the bigger picture, and I’m talking about the in-general picture.

I’ve had issues with my hair since 5th grade swimming lessons. It would get drenched and I would just hate it afterward. My mum would wash it for me and brush it for me, but she soon quit. And so did I. I would roll into school with my hair as messy as ever. My hair journey sort of improved after I started school in Dubai, mainly because I taught myself a trick – tie it up and comb the head. I used that trick for a majority of my high school life too. And now, I just have a decoy – hats. Simple as. No brushing, no anything. All I gotta do is tie them up and slide them under my hat. Pretty cool, yes?

So yeah, my mum gets super psyched when she sees my hair done, and goes on about how pretty I look and how I should practice it more often. It makes her happy, and whenever I’m around her it’s something I try to focus on. And if me having neat hair makes her happy, it’s just something I will have to work towards, right?

Working towards something. I have to start doing that again. A girl in my high school once told me to think of my future and work towards it. I used those words of advice during last year’s exam time, and they helped. I did better than I expected. Because I had my future as my motivation. But off late, I haven’t been able to work at all. I just have no inspiration or motivation left inside of me, on most days. And it is pretty upsetting because I know how important it is for me to do well. There’s a loud voice at the back mind of my that keeps reminding me of my plans for the future, but it’s like I am just not listening anymore. Pretty suckish, no?

SO, I devised a plan. For every good  excellent grade I score, I will gift myself something I really want. And at this point in time, it happens to be Paramore merchandise. So, if I do well, I’ll gift myself some merch. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll just picture my mother’s beaming face when I held my first ever best-student award before her. And if that fails too, well I am just going to  have to be logical and understand that my future is directly related to my now. The effort of now, the determination of now and the focus of now. Yes, one of these SHOULD work.


I hope you guys are doing well in life. I hope you guys are motivated. I hope you guys have it all figured out.

And thanks for reading!

Sending out love and positivity,


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