You Matter!

I’ve meaning to do a post on struggling and sadness for like two days now, and I’ve finally decided to just type it out. Sit here and let my fingers bring to words what has been camping in my mind.

I am gonna start by telling you a small secret about me:

I was sad as heck. Simple. (not gonna get into details about why and what for and who caused it and etc etc, because digging things out of a grave is pretty suckish).

But, what I am going to tell you guys is this:

You matter and help is possible and smile, you’re beautiful.

I want you guys to know that although you may think no one gives a shit, people do. There are so many people out there willing to help you overcome whatever it is that you are facing. I can’t say it enough, there is plenty of help available. Your friends, your family, your teachers, counselors, online helplines, the list is endless. And if people deem you mentally unstable for seeking professional help, well then you know that really tall finger that your hand has, it’s okay to use it once in a while. And, your happiness is far more important than what people have to say. I promise you, you matter.

I want you guys know that your sadness does not define you. The amount of times you’ve cried does not define you. The awful names that you were/are called over and over again by school bullies or parents even, do not define you. Your past (however dark) does not define you. Your self-harm does not define you. What defines you is the breath you just took. The heartbeat that you cannot feel nor hear, unless you place your hand upon your chest. The strength and the courage that you mustered to get out of bed this morning. The scars and wounds upon your body, not as a reminder of the times that you were weak, but as a reminder of the times you got through this. You are your mother’s smile and your best-friend’s lit up eyes.

I want you guys to know, that letting go of things and moving on, is perfectly alright. Let me paint you guys a picture. Imagine a large fridge with lots of food. Any kind, pastries, meat, pizza, whatever floats your boat. Right, now imagine some of the food going bad. You’re gonna have to get rid of it right? ( as much as you love your cake and your pizza) So is the case with life. We as human beings, tend to hold on to what is negative for one reason only – the fear letting go. But once you do let go, guys, it’s so much better. There will be a light in you, a light so bright, that you didn’t think it possible. A light that will just be there shining and presenting before you an abundance of clarity.

I want you guys to know that, life will get better. No matter what you are going through. I like to think of life as a book, a really thick book. Now, every book has those super sad chapters right? But what happens when you flip the page and keep on reading? A happy chapter presents itself before you. A chapter that warms up your heart and etches a smile on your face. And that’s the same with life. You face them dark days, but you gotta keep going because better days await you. I promise you.

I know it, because I’ve been there. I have let go, turned the chapter and have learned my sadness does not define me.

I am sending out my love to each and everyone of you that is suffering, and I want you to keep in mind that if I did it, so can you.

I said it before and I’m saying it again, you matter and help is possible and smile, you’re beautiful.



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