The Best Bandwagon I’ve Jumped On!

We all start something or the other when we’re teenagers. Some of us start a band, some of us start a charity, some of us start doing drugs, and some of us start to read. I am the last one, I started reading as a teenager.

Now, when I say reading, I mean books and that. I think it was either the summer of ’06 or ’07, when we were in Nairobi at a tiny little bookstore right across the Westgate Mall (my heart is with those that passed). So yeah, my cousins and I were stood outside this bookstore when one of us suggested we all buy a book each. So we all raced into this tiny little bookstore and picked out a book each. I still remember the one I picked – There’s A Boy In The Girl’s Bathroom, and from what I can remember it was a pretty sick book. I enjoyed it.

I would read and it would make me incredibly happy. And then, in 2009, I’d given my mum a list of books I’d wanted to read. And on my way to tuitions, she removed from her handbag, a copy of The Kite Runner. I was so psyched. And I guess it was then that I’d officially jumped onto the bandwagon of being a reader.

I read lots of fiction. And read so much that I failed all my mock exams, after which my dad banned me from reading. But I did anyway, in the toilet and on the school bus and at the gym. See, I’m a rebel like that.

For a long time, I read mostly literature from the 2000s, not once did I read anything from the 90s or before. Except Shakespeare in 7th and 8th grade English Lit. But off late I’ve been reading the classical stuff. You know, Austen, Twain and co. And guess what? I am in love. I kid you not. I was just lying on the couch last night thinking about the books I’d read over the summer, and how they’d all been books from hundreds of years ago, and how they are so rad. The way I see it, there is something about classical literature. A something that manages to stitch a smile upon my face, and bring peace to my heart each time. Just something. And I am so psyched I have an entire shelf-full of unread classical literature just waiting for me.

I am not really sure what the purpose of this blog post was, or whether blog posts should have a purpose.

On that note, I’m off dears. You guys have a fab week and life. Remember to smile and be happy. And read.

Thanks for existing and thanks for reading,


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