A Collection of Amateur Prose, or something along the lines of that

Society pisses me off,
to my very core.
Society’s perception of beauty,
society’s idea of this,
society’s view on that.
Stupid, just stupid.
So, instead of me having society’s idea
of the perfect ass,
I am telling society,
well screw you,
I’d rather be a smart-ass.
But from what I remember,
or think,
it is a sarcastic term, no?

My 8th grade English teacher told us,
curiosity killed the cat!”
So since the 8th grade,
my curiosity has sort of reduced.
Because I figured,
the cat’s curiosity that killed the cat!
But, off late I’ve wondered
whether she meant we should be more curious,
did curiosity kill the cat?

For a year or so,
I read a lot about misogyny.
Female foeticide, rape and honour killings.
Then I thought to myself,
hang on,
the very people that practice misogyny,
are the ones that are pro- human rights!
How can that be?

I’ve been a vegetarian
since day one,
eating beans
and bread and broccoli.
With the passage of time,
I grew to love animals.
And then,
on a hot middle-eastern day,
in our medium sized classroom,
my friend asked me,
if you love animals so much,
why do you eat their food?”

In my culture,
marriage is the gateway,
to losing your virginity.
Lose it before that,
and guess what,
you’re a slut.
But here’s a story,
I lose my virginity everyday,
when I do something new for
the first time ever.
That is the definition of
losing one’s virginity,
So technically,
my dears,
we are all sluts.
if someone tells you,
“you have a dirty mind!”
Ask them about their virginity,
and I assure you,
they will immediately think
you’re talking about


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