It is the twenty-fourth day of November today. The new year is thirty seven days away. Let that sink in. Sunk? Yeah, it took me a while too. Don’t worry, take your time. Time! The one thing that seems to be playing a trick on all of us, I like to believe the rapidity of this year is nothing but sorcery. The quickness of it simply does not seem real. Sunk yet? I hope so.

Maybe this will make you feel a little better (i sort of came up with something and i do hope it helps):

Time is a tricky thing. We don’t want it to go incredibly slow and when it goes fast, we are left stunned. I once wrote a journal entry on time and life. It went something like this. Time turns into days, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years, and years turn into memories.  And when I look back at the years, all I can think of is damn, those were some great memories. And how exciting it is to imagine that we have yet to unfold a bunch of memories. A bunch of memories that will only unfold if we move ahead with time.

So, yeah.

I guess time isn’t so bad a thing after all. I mean, I remember dreading the end of school because I spent some of my best days there. I remember crying endlessly on the day of my graduation, and the day I left home to come and study here in the UK. I did not think university would be as memorable as school was. But it is. I’ve been here for about three years now, and it’s great. There are so many memories for me to take with wherever it is that my life ends up. Memories I never thought possible, because I refused to give time a chance. And as cheesy as I sound, these memories, I will not let fade away from my heart. Just like my memories of school and all.

Maybe that’s how time works. It passes, and gifts us days of love, laughter and happiness. (lets not forget the sad days that make us stronger people). Right?

Time’s just part of life. And once you learn to accept that, it feels great.

So, yeah. Don’t stress too much about time (unless you have about 5 deadlines in the next month, then yes) but otherwise, as I read often, keep calm and carry on.

Sending out positive vibrations,


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