Use the Force

There was once a time when words would just flow out of me and onto my keyboard/journal like water. But now it’s like the words are being held somewhere in the middle of the flow by some special kind of force. And maybe I should make use of the Force to ridden the force that is holding my words together in the middle somewhere.

I’m sorry, I had to write that. I was once Darth Maul for halloween, and the Imperial March was once my ringtone.

Anyway, it is now the second last week of my first term of my last year of my undergrad degree study. I did the same line once, back when it was the last day of my first term of my last year at school. I call it the bittersweet sentenacne. I SWEAR I CAN’T SPELL SENTANCE WITHOUT SPELL CHECK. Sentence. I blame the force.

Do you like surprises? I suppose we all do. I do. The good ones. Not the ones that come in the form of a machine that takes away 20 pounds to cover library fines. No. Those surprises suck. But, I do like the ones that involve a phone call from your mother telling you she is in the same country as you. Yes, my mum is in England. She surprised me, and the rest of my siblings/famjam. How great is my mother dearest.

That’s it, I’m all lost for words now.

Be gone, force.

Have a wonderful life,


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