The Final Stretch

I came into the UK. 18, nervous, apathetic, with the slightest hint of excitement to study here, oh and cranky. Three years later, I will leave (maybe just Kent), socially awkward, bothered by the way the world runs, and with a tinny passion for business. University is either supposed to make you or break you. I am not broken, but I am not sure whether I am made either.

Over my 3 year span here in the UK, I never quite understood what it was about London that people are so eager to see. I mean, London is mostly like, London. The city of….I don’t know how to complete that sentence. London has given me two fabulous memories to take back – Harry Potter Studio Tour and Paramore. These two things make me feel like, aaaah London. Otherwise, I am all too bothered by the cold and tend not to leave my flat, except when absolutely necessary. Kent, on the other hand, was a somewhat different experience. It gave me some life lessons and incredible memories. I guess it just balanced out the London experience, in a way.

The UK may have made me a little bit more responsible and independent, but I can wholeheartedly say that I am still a lousy cook. I guess there are certain things about a person that just do not change, no matter what.

With only 3 months left for me to complete my course, I can only be fully sure about two things – I’ve made great friends and I want to be a journalist.

So, here’s to the final stretch, and the bittersweet moment on a warm July day that will present me with a certificate of congratulation.



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