Updates on my life

I am procrastinating like a cat right now. I have to work on my dissertation, but I am here doing everything else I can possibly think of. But this isn’t what this post is about, so let’s not wonder how cats procrastinate, because they do. More than you, and me, and birds. Sigh.┬áSo guess what, up until a phone call with my younger sister just a few hours back, I thought the super bowl was a bowling contest. Really. Don’t judge me, I am only human, and human beings are prone to stupidity, no? See, I don’t really get that phrase. Of course you’re only human, what was I expecting you to be? A cat? I wish!

Happy February, you guys. It’s ‘the day of love’ soon, and I hope you’ve got massive things to look forward to with the loves of your lives, because I don’t. My plan for the 14th day of this month is to drown myself with sorrow wondering why no one will fall in love with me. Only kidding. Pizza. My valentine this year is pizza. Because pizza is not really going to break my heart. It’ll make me fat, yes. But at least I get to be fat while doing something I enjoy. Or is it die while doing something you enjoy? I am not quite sure.

Anyway, because it’s a new month, and almost a year since I started blogging on WordPress, I figured why not do something fun and different. I’ve done it plenty of times on Tumblr, but have never ever finished it. But I shall try my hardest to finish it here. So, people of the Earth, I am going to do the 30-day photography challenge. It’ll give me a chance to use my camera that has been collecting dust for ages now, and it’ll give this blog more content. Cool? Cool. I’ll start today, by the way. So the post after this one.

Maybe I should update you all on what has been going on for me. Hm, let’s see. I’ve been back in uni for 3 weeks, but it feels like a lifetime because of the workload. My dreams have gotten less violent, so yay! I still do not know how to cook. I wore a super cool outfit to uni today, but no one saw it because our lecture lasted an hour only. Annnnnd, tomorrow is secret santa day, so I’m hoping my (person?) likes the present. And that’s it.


Thanks for reading.