The 27th of September 2013

I’ve always wondered what people meant when they say it was the best day of their lives I mean, we’ve been alive for a while and so how are we expected to choose just a single day? But I was silly back then. I now know the best day of my life. It was on the 27th day of September 2013, yes, yes, the day I saw Paramore perform live for the very first time.

Around the month of March or April, there was a scavenger hunt for a limited amount of tickets to a gig Paramore was playing at this little place in London called The Garage. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, I could not make it to the scavenger hunt, and so I never got to go the Garage. But, one morning, towards the end of April or the beginning of May my phone buzzed. And it was an e-mail. Hurray I thought, my phone buzzes this early and it is just an email. I sighed and opened the email anyway. It was from the Paramore fan club, all I expected was some offer to purchase merchandise at a cheaper price. But I was wrong. Fan club members were getting access to pre sale tickets to their autumn tour. No way! I sat up in bed, reached for my laptop and tried over and over and over again to buy tickets. Two – for me and my little sister. Much to my disappointment, the website wouldn’t let me get through. But I did eventually, with the help of my housemate. 

I was literally the happiest I had been in that moment. Finally! After 6 years! I wanted to cry. But I didn’t because I’m not a little girl no more. See what I did there? Anyway. I counted days from that morning in May to the 27th of September.

The 27th of September arrived quicker than I had expected it to. But, just  a week before the 27th my country underwent a massive calamity – the Westgate shootings. I was distraught. My heart and my mind and my energy was all focused on my country. I wept for those that were injured and was really really appalled by how violence against humanity is so prominent. I felt sick because no one gave a damn, because everyone was too bothered by things like the rain and the latest film in the cinema. The whole incident effected me so much so that I almost changed my mind about attending the concert. But my friend, she encouraged me to go. It was after all, the band I had loved for as long as we both could remember.

So I went. And from the moment I got into the tube that would take me to the station, to the moment I got into the tube that would take me back home, I was ecstatic. They appeared on stage and it took me a while to register that it was real. That, yes, Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor are right before my eyes. Singing the songs I love and playing the music that filled my life with a warm assurance that everything is going to be okay. That this was not a YouTube video and I was not behind a computer screen. I wept because I was that euphoric. Because I had been waiting for this day for 6 long years. Because it was Paramore. Song after song, I felt full – almost mended. I am not being melodramatic, I mean it. Paramore has been a part of my life since I was an adolescent girl and their music has been my comfort throughout the ups and downs I went through growing up. And believe it or not, they’ve taught me some unforgettable things about life.

Yeah, the 27th day of September was a magical day. And I will wait eagerly for many other 27th septembers.

This one goes out to not only Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy, but to Josh and Zac as well. Just ’cause why forget and eliminate people that once made your life hella easy to get through. Right?

And to Fueled by Ramen.

Oh and, to a girl I went to high school with that introduced me to the band!

A very emotional,

Parawhore (its what the fans are called)