Day 2 – The world is ending, and you can save one group of five people: who would be the five people that you save?

Most days I think my life is a joke, and on the days that remain, I am convinced that my life is one big awkward situation. Today categorized itself into the latter. I’ll explain.

I was on the train to Kent when this lady sat beside me, tapped my arm and asked me whether the train would pass Gillingham. I was starteld and so repeatedly nodded my head, to which she started to laugh. Then, when I got back to my halls of residence, I passed by the grocery store downstairs and ran into an ex-housemate. We spoke for a few seconds before I said, let me just finish this, I will see you later. The truth is though, I really really need to take a piss, and so socializing wasn’t really appealing. Anyway, I walked up to the main door of my building but didn’t have my keys on me. So, I hurriedly and awkwardly rummaged my bag very aware of the fact that three human beings stood beside me. One of whom was my old housemate. I don’t know, but I ¬†felt enormously awkward when I thought about it all as I relieved myself. Damn, there’s one sentence I thought I would never say. Write? I perked up my self-esteem with ready made mac-and-cheese. And some water. Hurray for food and water, I suppose.

Anyway, have any of you ever watched that T.V. show Girls? I watched the first two episodes, and 60% of it is just sex sex sex. It’s interesting all the same. I mean, I think I need to watch a little bit more than Indian crime shows, yes?

BUT! I should answer the question that day two holds. ‘The world is ending, and you can save one group of five people: who would be the five people that you save?’ Hmm, let’s see. I am a little confused about this question because is it asking whether I would save just a single group of five people? Or five groups of five people? I’ll answer it both ways, because like why not.

1) J.K. Rowling 2) Hayley Williams  3) Chimamanda Adichie 4) Malala Yousafzai 5) Sampat Pal OR 1) Authors 2) Doctors 3) Scientists 4) Women Rights Activists 5) Teachers Now before you start freaking out about why I am not saving my family or friends, give me a moment to explain, please.

My family and my friends complete me. And I dearly hope they feel the same way too. So yes, they complete me, every single one of them holds a distinct significance. Kinda like they complement me, in a way – like a puzzle if you will. Now, I have a massive family and a friend circle that is greater than five (pretty surprising for an introvert? I don’t think so), so yeah. I just feel that if I were to pick just five people out of my friends and family, it would tear my puzzle apart – I would feel incomplete. You know? And so, I picked five people that I’ve never met but love dearly, and that are so empowering. I suppose.

So yeah. Do come back.