People need other people

Why is it that I go on post after post stressing self-love and acceptance and self-belief? Why is it that I am so eager for the world to know that they are worth it? That their presence means something to someone? That they are important?

Because, up until 17 years old, no one in the world said it to me. I lived under a dark cloud of self hatred, low confidence and unhappiness. That cloud hadn’t left me completely, but it’s beginning to. Or it begun to when I got myself help when I was 19 years old.

That dark cloud drew upon me again today. The very same unworthiness, self hatred and low confidence that haunted me as an adolescent, lingered by my side today. Almost like a shadow.

People need another people. It is a hundred percent true. We all need someone to tell us we are worth it, that we can do it, that we are loved. And we ought to believe it. Which is why I am here, stressing that you are worth it. You are loved. You are important. And I promise you, you can do it. You can score an A on that quiz, you can get out of bed in the morning, you can pick up the phone and tell your father you love him. Because I believe in you. I may have never met you, this may be the first time you’re reading this. But, gosh, you can do it because you’re so strong!

I know the dark cloud is just around the corner somewhere, waiting for me to fall under it again. But I am not scared anymore because I have learned this new thing where you surround yourself with other people that see beauty in you when you don’t even see it in yourself, here’s a secret – it heals you. In my 3 years at Kent, albeit being an introvert, I managed to befriend one of the most incredible and kind human beings. One of the few people that sees a mountain of hope in me when all I see is just a speck. And we all need someone like that. Look between the lines, they’re just there. I promise you.

You are loved much more than you can even imagine.

This one goes out to the girl that believes I am good enough. Thank you, thank you so much.

Sending out love,