Day 4 and Day 5:

I had my dissertation presentation today, and believe me when I say it sucked balls. No, I didn’t choke on my spit, but gosh, I stuttered and uhm-ed far too much. And, my assessors made such confused faces throughout my 10 minutes of endless talking that it made me extremely awkward…and conscious. And then, I answered a never ending list of questions so quietly, and walked out of that room just as quietly. My dissertation is worth 30 credits, same as Business Law last year! So if it’s calculated the same way, I suppose I can make it through this year with a 2.1…if and only if I put in the required effort times a hundred. The education system is flawed, but so is society. If I were in charge of the education system, firstly, I would not charge such a large fee and do absolutely nothing improve the uni. Our uni is not the best. And secondly, I wouldn’t force a dissertation upon anyone. I would change the grading system. I would make the lecturers understand that the sun does NOT rise out of their asses, so could they please spare us their unkindness and bear with our stupidity and mistakes. I would change everything, basically. But I can’t because all I am is an International Student. Yay me. I’m International. Foreign. And you know what else starts with f? Fancy. And *badword* awesome. Phah, I kid. But, hey, I am kinda trying to work on loving myself…so is it wrong that I think I am *badword* awesome? 

When I was little, I thought being called a wannabe was the greatest diss in the whole world. But is it really? I think a wannabe is someone that is aspirant, and being aspirant is damning brilliant, no? I mean ”DREAM BIG!” and ”AIM HIGH”. So a wannabe is just slang for someone that likes to believe they can do things and wants to do them. Technically, yes? Today, I tried to be Hayley Williams. Through eye make up. And make up. Courtesy of my friend, of course. I am lousy at make up, my eye-liner would resemble a polynomial graph. Make sense? Funny story – I hated maths in school. Oh, I purchased a magazine because it has a Hayley Williams poster in it. I talk (write?) too much about Hayley, no? I can’t help myself. This is the life of an overly obsessed fan-girl (fan-woman?). See, if its not Hayley, its Brandon Flowers. Oh, my gosh, Brandon Flowers. Oh, I am reading this book, and I swear this one sentence was structured in such a way that my mind literally squealed with ecstasy while reading. When, oh when, will I master the art of articulate and impeccable sentence structuring. Gosh, I await that day so eagerly. Like, even more so than Brandon and his eager eyes. I don’t know, I am rambling. 



So I missed day 4 yesterday, I will compensate for it on this post! 

Here goes: 

Day 4 – What would the cover of your biography (presumably written by somebody else who never knew you, postmortem) look like?

I’m guessing this is meant to be a picture? I suppose it would be the picture of an average sized, short, pensive girl with a messy top bun and a bag across her torso. And, ‘The Biography of a Silent Girl with a Loud Mind’ written across it, preferably in a cursive font. GOSH, I do dream. 

Day 5 – Write about a really good or creative Tumblr URL that you see frequently on your dashboard.

My Tumblr dashboard has tonnes of creative stuff on it. Choosing only one would be like having to choose my favourite hair on my head. Geeee, how typical. BUT I MEAN IT. I CANNOT CHOOSE ONE. It’s difficult. I am a reckless reblogger, maybe you guys could check out my Tumblr and make your mind up for yourselves! 

K, I suppose I am done here for today. Thanks a million for reading. And please please leave any criticism, I shan’t weep…I mean it. 


Love yourselves lots, 


a wannabe Hayley Meera