Day 7 – Write a very vivid description of what is/would have been your most perfect way to lose your virginity. What is your exact definition of ‘losing your virginity’? Also: will you/would you have liked to save your virginity for marriage? Why or why not?

Has it already been 7 days? HOW IS TIME DOING THIS.

Oh, virginity.

The most perfect way is obviously if its consensual and under complete sobriety. And definitely with a trusted individual. So vivid, right?

So the most popular definition of ‘losing your virginity’ is having sex for the first time ever, right? But I sort of think you lose your virginity every time you do something for the first time ever. Right?

With my experiences as a woman, I have learned that it’s okay for a boy to lose their virginity at whatever age, but for a girl to do so, it’s this enormous crime. And I never really understood  how any of that worked. I am pro-gender equality, and I somehow feel that inscribing these sex-is-only-for-your-husband–but-it’s-okay-for-your-husband-to-have-had-sex-with-a-couple-of-women-rule is okay, somehow adds a little it more weight on the fact that men are superior. Also, is a penis worth so much that it changes entirely who a woman is? I just disagree. Am I making any sense? I just guess I think that anyone should be able to just do it (as long as it is consensual – consent is very important) without having to worry about society would think. To be entirely honest, though, I think virginity is a little bit of a social construct, and that whether you are or aren’t one shouldn’t be as big a deal as it is. And secondly, a person’s body is their own and they should be able to do whatever the heck they want with it. Although these views of mine are somewhat frowned upon, it is what I believe.

So, yeah. On a scale from one to my-virginity must-be-given-to-my-husband-only-on-the-night-of-my-wedding-day, I fall on one.

Ok then.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope yours wasn’t as boring as mine!