Day 11 – Your bucket list is limited to three items.

Have you ever wondered how much about yourself you actually know? Because, frankly, ever since Sunday morning I have been analysing a majority of my life thus far trying to figure myself out. Please tell me I am not the only one that has these jump-start-like realizations and wonders.

On a lighter note, my friend got me a magic wand for Secret Santa present give away. It is so cool, because it has a light at the top of it. So I have pretty much been going ‘lumos’ and ‘nox’ for like 20 minutes straight. Oh, happy Potter days are the best days. 

So, three items off my bucket list. Erm let’s see: 

  1. Eradication of poverty
  2. Equality (particularly love and gender) 
  3. Become a world famous author 

So that’s my day 11 done. 

Be kind to one another, 




  1. I admire you love for the good of all humanity, and the desire to see a world free of income inequality. But sincerely, its realistically impossible. As long as society exists, there will be inequality. It can be reduced to its barest minimum, but i think total eradication is a myth. As for being a world famous writer, i think you are already on the path to becoming that. Just don’t be your own worst enemy. Stay Blessed and Positive. -Hakeem

    1. I suppose it is a myth, but I just have this really strong belief that so was everything else before it was proven to be not a myth. If that makes sense. But I see where youre coming from. And thank you so sos ossoosossoso much! Like thank you 😀 I will! And you too 🙂 be positive 😀

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