Kindness and love – a poem that does not rhyme

With every little bit of kindness shown,
with every little bit of love shared,
the world will begin to heal itself
a lot more than it has ever done so. 

Kindness and love are so important for world that we live in. Yet they’re so minimal. Be kind and love more, the world definitely needs more of that. 




Day 14 – What makes you feel infinitely sexy?

Do you ever record yourself singing and dancing around to records by your favourite band or singer, and think that maybe you are on some kind of drug that you don’t know about just because of the way you look and act when you rewatch those videos? I think that drug is happiness. If not, you should try it. It’s one of the best feelings ever.

The only thing that makes me feel infinitely sexy is being able to hold a conversation with someone without getting extremely awkward and self-conscious mid-conversation. Yep. Particularly when talking about something either of us love.

Be kind to one another,