Day 18 – Describe one time you basically thought you were the shit, when your self-confidence was soaring through the roof. This is meant to be a positive thing.

I’m awake so late these days, how weird. I tend to usually go to bed by 9 PM, or I did, when I was in high school. Yep, I was an early sleeper, early riser and a regular at the gym. I’ve changed, I am a transformer. Don’t lie to me, you went through that phase too. Okay? 

Ugh, I have less than two months to hand in my dissertation…and I’ve done 1/4 of it. Don’t ask me why. Because THAT is something I cannot answer. It is life. 

Anyyyyyywayyyyyy. Answering that question. WELL, the only time I’ve really felt like I was the shit was at my high school prom annnnd when I passed all my second year exams with if I may say it, flying colours.

And that’s it. 

Quite a dead post, no? 

I still care about you readers! I will try to be more entertaining with these.