I don’t know where I have been, I do apologize for my lack of posts and for leaving my challenge hanging on the middle of day 18. Or is it 19. I don’t even know. I do hope you guys are all doing well and keeping up with the Kardashians…aha, I kid. I hope you’re keeping up with your health and life. So, I’ve been gone a while and I suppose I owe you guys somewhat of an update on my oh-so-interesting life? (Hint, hint: sarcasm).

Well, let’s see.

I am in London for reading week…my last reading week for a while. I don’t remember my first reading week because I  never thought of it as a big deal. But I am already on my last reading week and that’s pretty damn crazy. Three years, six readings weeks. Gone, just gone. Aha, I bet you’re thinking that gees, Meera it’s not even that big a deal, relax your self. I am thinking that…to be honest. Anyway.

I spent today in the local library, I love libraries, I love books. Anyway, they’re having a special women’s day event this Friday and I think I should attend it. I think it’s pretty cool how I am born on Women’s day (hint, hint). Like, good job, parents.

Wasn’t the highlight of the Oscars Ellen DeGeneres? She did a much better job than Seth MacFarlane who simply cracked misogynistic jokes. But Ellen, Ellen is just the best. I mean, pizza…she ordered PIZZA! That makes her my magical/spiritual something something. Sigh. I am super happy and proud of Lupita N’yongo, because gosh, I first watched her back when I was in first year in a T.V. series called Shuga and would you look at how far she’s come. Such an inspiration. And, hello, Kenyan-Kenyan She’s a Nairobi girl. I am a Nairobi girl. Yay me. Oh, just by the way, I haven’t actually watched the Oscars yet…because I live in boring old London and I do not have Sky TV…and it took a bajillion giggles and silly suggestions for me and my little sister to figure out what time ET 7pm is. Forever confused by that expression.  Anyhow, I shall watch the Oscars when they’re streaming online…or available for download (ooooo badasss, meera).

Em. You guys ever read the book Frankenstein? I felt really sad for the monster. The book was a lot more than a scary looking man going on a killing rampage. I liked it. You guys should read it. Good stuff…good stuff.

Well…I don’t know what else to update you all on.

Thanks for reading,

and I will update my challenge – next post.



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