The Problem

So, I was reading something this morning that was talking about how much attention Malala Yousafzai is getting, and that none of it is actually going to make a difference. It also talked about the thousands of Malala’s that aren’t on the news, and the drone strikes that are killing many more Malala’s. But those Malala’s are not on the news. So why focus on this one Malala only – when it is not going to make a difference. I was slightly annoyed by this. Okay, let me explain. Remember the Delhi gang rape? For days and days and days, the news focused its attention on Nirbhaya/Jyoti. And what did that lead to? Awareness being risen by a thousandfold. Let’s say, we were angry, not because Jyoti got brutally gang raped, but because she was the only one getting attention, how then would have India come up with rape laws they brought into action. How would the world outside India know about the violence that Indian women have to go through?

This is the biggest problem with the world that we live in. With the youth of today. We don’t want to enhance and be the strength of women that are already raising awareness, but we want to sit down on our asses and say what about the others. I am not saying that the other girls do not matter, because they do. The 1000s of Malala’s matter, the 1000s of Jyoti’s matter. But instead of being all whiny about how THEY don’t get any news coverage, how about we fight for their rights. Because that is what is more important.

I am so sickened and so angry. Jyoti was gang raped, she died, but she left behind a lingering question about women’s safety. Malala was shot in the head, she survived, and she is standing up today questioning why girl’s don’t the right to study. Don’t tell me they’re not making a difference, because they are. And, think about it this way, dears, if it weren’t for Jyoti or Malala, we’d still be living in the perfect bubble of everything is okay.

We have a serious problem. Because instead of tackling the problem, we are arguing about who gains the most popularity out of the problem. That’s all our world has come down to – a damning popularity contest.

Oh, and, we are not doing anything about the problem. No. We are sat on our butts, waiting for something to happen, so that we can bitch about it later. I’ll explain – 21 year old raped and beaten to death. The problem here? She was raped and beaten to death. Who caused the problem? The sick minded rapists and murders. But no, we’re going to go on about what caused the problem instead of the problem itself – bitch about it. She was drunk, he was drunk, it was a mistake, her skirt was too tight, it was late at night what did she expect, he’s a man. No. The problem is rape and murder. Not her clothes, or their sexes, or their levels of intoxication. No. We have to learn how to deal with the fucking problem and fight for and stand up for the victims. 

So is the case with Malala, people are bitching about how shes getting all this popularity. NEWS FLASH – THAT ISN’T WHAT ITS ABOUT, IT’S ABOUT WOMEN GETTING BASIC RIGHTS TO GO TO SCHOOL.

I am so done with the way the world works.

End of rant.

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