Roxy the building Cat


It’s about 3:30 AM here in England and I can’t fall asleep. I do not know why. Perhaps I am in love…what? No no, that’s not even sensible. The only reason I can’t sleep is that I woke up very late this morning. Afternoon? Also, I had lemon and ginger tea. I am absolutely certain it had caffeine despite it saying it’s caffeine free, unless of course caffeine free means the caffeine is free of charge.

So, you see the picture of that cat? That’s my little Roxanne, she lives in my building. I don’t know the sex for sure to be honest, but to me, she’s a girl. Anyway, Roxanne lives in my building and I absolutely love her. I feed her and watch her and make sure she’s not dead. Boy, I sound like a little child, no?

Anyway, I thought I’d introduce you guys to Roxy. I named her, by the way. She’s adorable, yeah?

Mother dearest arrives to London tomorrow. Good for us lonesome siblings. We’re five, by the way.

Oh, it’s world book day in England today, so happy world book day! All praise books! BOOOOKS BE PRAISED. I love books. How can you not anyway?

I’ve run out of things to say on here. Okay.


Meera and Roxanne Rogers

OOOO that’s a good second name for my Roxy.

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