27 – 34


If the SATs/grades did not exist, in what way should colleges/teachers evaluate applicants?

I have a profound hate for the grading system.  Thought you guys would like to know! But, I suppose we would be judged on our wealth. Or our parents’ wealth.

Do you feel at home in your home? Is home a place for you? A book? A thing? A person? What would you want your home to be?

Well. Home to me is where I have things I love in. So my family, friends, books. So wherever that is, home is.

Write your own eulogy.

Meera Damji, buried alive. I kid. Meera spent her whole life trying to get her voice heard despite being the silentest of all. She had a love for cats, books and pizza. She dreamed big dreams. Oh, and she was bloody hilarious.

What is something you felt like you deserved or should have belonged to you, but you never got?

A pixie hair cut.

Do you feel ‘connected to nature’? Do you frequent outside? Do you believe that a connection with the earth we live on is necessary in the first place?

Personally, I do not feel connected to nature. I mean, I did, at one point in my life. But not so much anymore. I barely go outside. A connection is necessary because you gotta respect the planet, I suppose. And also, the circle of life. Right?

If one TV show could be real, which one would you want it to be? Which one would screw our world over?

Friends. And I think some Indian drama show would screw over our world, 114%.

How many kinds of love are there?

There’s the love you have for things, for animals, for family, for friends and for the significant other. Then there’s just love in general.

So there ya have it.

Until next time,





  1. This has been the most enjoyable post in your challenge series. You hate the grading system? Really? Lmao, you should have experienced the horrible one we have in Ghana. Friends is just perfect, i love it. I think i should download the whole thing again. It feels like I’m hijacking your post. I’ll leave now

    Stay Blessed

    1. Hahahah! Friends is just the best show ever created 😀 LOL! well, I experienced the grading system in Kenya..and Dubai…wasn’t fun. And now in uni…siggggh! Hah! Stay Blessed!

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