Jerry walked toward the automatic glass door and immediately into the large library. He dragged his feet, his sneakers brushing against the carpeted floor as he made his way to the library’s reception. ”Classical fiction?”, he whispered in a strong Southern accent. The veiled librarian looked up at Jerry and pointed him toward the massive shelf that was a few steps away from the history and art section. Jerry nervously walked toward the shelf, his eyes fixated on his feet. His mind, racing with thoughts. ‘Classical Fiction’, read the bolded sign on the middle of the dark blue wooden shelf. Jerry stood in between the two shelves, still staring at his feet. He picked up a book and studied its withering edges. He fingered the title of the book, whispering to himself the name of the book. Sens- boom. Jerry exploded. The entire classical fiction was set on fire in a split second. Chaos spread across the library just as quickly as the fire spread itself onto the history section. Jerry burned to death. The books turned to ashes. The veiled librarian screamed as the fire traveled up her wrinkled skin. The building was up in flames. The only thing that remained unharmed was the pair of sneakers that protected Jerry’s feet.

The End. 

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