Playlist Life

My days have almost been ceasing to exist ever since I have started to work on my dissertation. It is almost as though my life is on repeat. I get up each day, shower, change into the same pair of jeans as the day before, put on the same pair of shoes, set the same playlist on repeat, eat the same cereal, and then hit the 0 button on the lift. I walk to uni with The Killers blaring on my headphones, I sing along to Brandon Flowers and imagine what it would be like to be in a band. Every single day. I continuously push the traffic-light button in the very hope that it will get rid of the shiny red man and replace him with the shiny green man, at a faster rate. I arrive at the library with the same bunch of receptionists staring at me to check I have brought my identification card. The same British accent says thank you as I walk toward the group zone of the extremely chaotic library. If I am lucky, I find a spot. I enter my log in details and begin to take off my winter coat and purple scarf. The voices around me are louder than ever,so I put my playlist on and turn the volume up to the loudest so that I can drown the voices around me. I study the people around me, and more often than not I do not care for them. Except today, a bunch of second years had gathered around my table and I was livid. There’s a particular type of people that cause alarm bells go off inside of me. And what is more irritating than that? Ugh. I threw disgusted looks at the egoistic boys that clearly thought they were  all that and had a massive rant about it in my already busied mind. I decide to get some coffee. So, I collect bits of change from my backpack and make my way to the cafeteria. I feed the vending machine 75p and punch the numbers 7 and 7. That first sip of coffee is always the best. I sit down at my computer and begin to type. I type nonsense 98% of the time. Then, my friends and I go get lunch at the uni restaurant, and we have massive laughs.

I come back home change out of my jeans and top, and into my nightdress.

And then drift into doing whatever I feel like.

This is my every day.

A playlist that is on repeat.

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