What is one change that you would make/have made to your life that will make/has made it better?

Definitely my hair cut, I feel a lot more uplifted since I got it cut.

Is everything you do for yourself? Can you truly be selfless?

I don’t do everything for myself. Oh! Phoebe and Joey were discussing this! I personally sort of believe in selflessness…look at mums. Mostly, they’re treated like shit and they still do what they do because they love their kids. Because they’re selfless. No? Can I be selfless? I am not sure. I partly think selflessness has a lot do with believing in good karma, so do good and good shall happen to you, which defeats the purpose of selflessness. I am not sure whether true selflessness even exists to be honest. Then again, I am a young girl, I haven’t met many people yet.

Are you the same person you were two and a half years ago?

Two and half years ago is roughly about 2011 or something right? No, I am not. At all. I have changed a lot, for the better! Yey me.

Can you possibly conquer the labyrinth?

Literally? I suppose we all can with a large amount of effort.

As a hyper intelligent pan-dimensional being, what is the answer to the ultimate question, the life, the universe and everything? What is the ultimate question?

The ultimate question I believe is why it all exists? The purpose of it all? And the answer is that there is no set answer, we’re all unique beings and so life and the universe works in that way. I guess. I don’t know. Pretty lousy. 

K, challenge done.


Oh, crap!

So, I’ve just remembered that I did not complete my challenge. What’s new in that, anyway. BUT. I am so close to the end, so I am going to actually complete it right now before I begin revision. Ew, revision. I just want to say, though, or rather shout-out to two girls from my high-school that I barely spoke to, but speak to now, because life works in weird ways, just a massive thank you. They figured out I was feeling pretty crap from a Tumblr post. And that’s great. Oh, the little things in life.

So, yeah. They hopefully know who they are. And thank you both so much. So many cyber hugs going out right now.

There’s a lot I want to write about. I even have a list, but I need to be in the zone. Or then we may have another ‘men and violence’ fiasco. Sorry about that, by the way. I didn’t mean to get that angry, it sort of just happened. You know? But yeah, I have a list. It includes, marriage and boys in university (lies I was told), falling off a merry go round, public toilets (the way they apply to real life), perspective, women, university in general, and about growing up in an Indian household.

I hope to write about them soon, so that those of you that read this can understand me a little better.

K, the challenge will carry on soonest.

Much love,