Lego Pieces

So who actually likes the President of their country? I follow a few Instagram accounts that are majorly against their President, a friend of mine dislikes the President of her country, and me, I am not too fond of the President of my country. I am being majorly vague about this because I do not want to get shot in the head for dropping Presidential names, because, the countries I have mentioned above are generally violent criminal-like Presidents. 

The President of my country is Uhuru Kenyatta. Son of Jomo Kenyatta. Sigh, so I know about a pea-size-amount of politics, because I am not that much into it. But I read the news and so I am quite aware of what is up with the Parliament of my country, kind of. My dislike of President Uhuru begun early last summer. It wasn’t that huge though. But since September, the dislike grew. And today, it has grown quite a lot. 

Let me explain. 

Our Godly President has signed a marriage bill that allows men to marry multiple women. He is legalising polygamy. And, men can marry another woman without the consent of their already existing wife. Not only that, a group of Kenyan-youth are discussing how Uhuru is their ‘hero’. Do you see why I am bothered by this bill? No? Because women are being belittled to nothing once again. Once again, women are being perceived as toys.

‘Oh, I don’t like this toy anymore, maybe I will go buy THAT one…and THAAT one…and THAT one too!’ 

‘Hey, hey, hey, I am a man, I can do whatever the heck I want with my wives, I can collect them…because it is LEGAL!’

I am appalled by the law and even more so by the youth of Kenya. 

Now, I am not entirely stupid because I know this happens in many cultures and religions. In fact, it happens in the Masaai culture of Kenya, where the Masaai men are allowed to marry multiple women, however, the women are not allowed to marry multiple times. And I am not going to say it is okay because it is their culture and it has been going on for ages, no. Because once again, women are being belittled. I Maasai men are allowed to part take in polygamy, then why not the women? 

Similarly, if Uhuru has passed the law that men are allowed to marry multiple times, why has there been no similar law written for the women of Kenya? And don’t tell me it defeats the sanctity of marriage because that is just plain silly and unfair. 

I will tell you why, because to this day, women are not considered to be a living, breathing person. They are simply seen as the myriad pieces you get in a Lego set – made and destroyed and made and destroyed over and over again.