The Tumblr community – and why I am a part of it

I joined Tumblr when I was 17 years old,  and before that I was on various other blogging platforms – Onsugar, Blogspot, WordPress, another one whose name I cannot remember (it is more to do with pictures, not Flicker, another one).  So why did I stick to Tumblr? There are a collection of reasons, ranging from me feeling at home, the ability to open up, the large amount of things I learned through that Blogging platform, and the community Tumblr offers.

I am going to focus on the things I learned and the Tumblr community.

Through Tumblr, I learned two major things – women are NOT supposed to be treated like shit and that it is 120% okay to seek professional help. And I am forever grateful to the hundreds (literally) people that I follow on Tumblr that made me realise this. Thank you ever so much.

The Tumblr community is incredibly diverse, but the one thing I love about the Tumblr community is that they care. They care about social issues. They care that dozens are being killed because of their sexuality, they care that there are countries whose children are dying because of dictators that care only about power, they care about rape, hate crime, racism. They care about the oppressed and those that suppress. They care about equality. And taking into consideration the terribly apathetic and selfish world that we live in, Tumblr’s community is pretty damn incredible.

Tumblr cares. And we need more of that.





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