I am one of those people that changes their Instagram description boxes at least once in two weeks or something. At the moment it is ‘i work with the media and write about a lot of stuff that very few people care about’ which is true. I am not just talking about my recently published newspaper articles, but other stuff in general. I mean, I try to write things, but does anyone actually care about what I am writing about? I don’t think so.

My great-grandma passed away yesterday in India. I am sad. Sad because I never got to meet her, and everyone else keeps telling me how lovely she was. Sad because my trips to India were always postponed to a later date and sometimes year. Sad because she was family…the eldest member of our family. She lived for 106 years and I am sure she is at peace now..not tired anymore, not frail. Rest in Peace, Baa, I love you.

Before this day I never actually understood the severity of death. And now that it has hit me, I am at that state of wishing I had done more for her. And also at that state where I have come to realise that the time we have here is too short, and we have got to start loving each other more. And appreciating each other. And just being there for one another, you know? I mean that’s it, she’s gone, I am never going to get that chance to meet her. To hear her voice. Nothing. I am also at that state where I feel like I haven’t done enough with my life. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

I am so sad.




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