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I know I am not keeping up with my promise of two blog posts per week, and I do apologize. For those of you that read these blogs, you must be sick and tired of my apologies. But I promise you they’re not false apologies. I really do mean it when I say I am sorry.

Work is great. I don’t even like to call it work, because work sounds like everything I do is a long and boring drag. I enjoy what I do, and so it is not work. Make sense? Anyway, I have been meeting so many interesting people and that is just wonderful, because it is helping me grow as an individual. Plus it is helping me overcome my social awkwardness. So hey, zero complaints here.

Although, I do come across a fair share of creepy creepers that leave me freaked out to the core. And believe me when I am saying this without any prejudice, but they all happen to be men. Surprise…surprise. And the thing is, I keep getting told not to talk as much or whatever, but it is my job to talk to all these people that attend these events. Am I right? The discomfort I feel around men hasn’t subsided that much, but I am getting better around them – a teensy bit.

You know those random occasions when one feels sad? Gees, I have been feeling weirdly sad for a few days, but there are reasons. Care for me to explain? Then please do read on. Basically, my driving instructor is a total fucking creep. He’s so touchy feely, he likes taking me to faraway places, and likes having absolutely pointless discussions. I burst out into tears after my class on Thursday because I became so paranoid he would do something to me. I am not over reacting, I have serious issues when it comes to the opposite sex. It is just something that makes me very sad. So that’s reason number one.

Reason number two. My aunt and friend were talking about counselling, and it is totally silly, but I remembered those four weeks I spent at counselling, and those ‘dark’ days. Thora sad, bus thora sa.

The news is on and they undressed a woman in public because she was dressed ‘indecently’. They also sexually assaulted her. They = men. Her dressing has got nothing to do with the men, but of course, of course, men had to intervene over something like that. The way she is dressed says nothing about the woman, it says a lot more about the men. Also, why do we stress so much on the woman being  a ‘sister, mother, girlfriend’, she is a human being, that is reason enough to let her be. I am so angry. So it is not okay that she was dressed ‘indecently’, but it is okay for the men to sexually assault her? To strip her? Why, because they are men? Because they have the power over us? No, this is not okay. It will never be. Many people are talking about it and raising awareness. I hope the men are arrested. I hope people learn to respect women.

Also, a baby girl was dumped on a street near where I live. She was strangled, and new born – the placenta was still there. Whatever reason, I do not justify the killing of the baby. The mother faced so many accusations and swear words and stuff. And the father? Nothing. The baby may have been born out of wedlock – totally unacceptable in our Indian society. The baby may have been born through rape – and what do we do with rape victims as a society? We look at them with disgust, they have no izzat after their rape. The baby may have been born to a family that didn’t want a girl, because we are the inferior gender, and the crime is prominent amongst Indians. I do not justify the killing of the baby girl at all, but accusing anyone without any information is purely unfair. Humanity is so fucked up these days – if she had the baby she would be condemned from society, she didn’t have the baby she is damned from society. Killing a child is disgusting, humanity, even more so.

I am done.

Have a great week,


(will keep this updated!)

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