Justice is Nothing

There is a lot of stuff going on in our world right now. There always is. And we all need to keep talking, we need to keep repeating ourselves over and over again because it is important. We need to remain angry, we cannot keep calm. Because people are dying every single day of racism, sexism, transphobia, terrorism, war, violence and every single thing possible. And justice? Oh justice is the biggest joke these days. Eric Garner’s and Mike Brown’s killers were not indicted, and that is not even the surface of how deep down people get away with violence based on race. Women are raped day in and day out, but their rapists roam free, they get on with life as normal, they eat, they drink, they sleep. Take the Dewani case for example, he is free. Take the case against the Kenyan president, he is free. Take Mubarak, he is free. What is justice? That’s right a massive joke. The thousands and thousands of Palestinians that were killed for no reason whatsoever, have their murderers getting on with life. Damn, they didn’t even get close to justice. And then there are other cases where the actual problem is being diverted. Take the rape that happened in New Delhi in a cab, they arrested the rapist, I am glad. But what next? They ban the cab company…come on, it is not about the cab company. The issue here is rape. Focus on that. Take all the police brutality cases, and tell me how a large amount of its focus lies on the behaviour of the person that is shot than the person that did the shooting. Reminds me a lot of asking what the rape victim wore…or whether she was drunk or not. Victim blaming is welcomed with arms wide open. But justice for the victim? No, thank you.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg of the problems we are facing. I find it difficult to think that it is actually going to be 2015 soon. We haven’t progressed. We’re still struggling. We’re still suffering. But we have to keep fighting, we have to keep talking, we have to remain angry. Only then will change happen. It starts with me and you. Get going. Do something, anything.

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  1. I think while we keep on talking or complain about all the putrid injustice in our world, we should try and find an effective way to be heard. Cos it’s really sickening, all the double standards society condones.

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