Proving Points

I watched a video today on HuffPost Women about street harassment and cat calling. In order to prove the severity and seriousness of the situation, two mothers went undercover and were cat-called by their own sons. One of whom called their mom ‘Tasty Panties’.

The video, in my opinion was great, not in terms of the cat calling, but because it raised and brought to light a serious situation.

What bugs me about the video, however, is that unless something happens to someone or to somebody’s kin, they will rarely understand the seriousness of the situation. Men are always told to respect women because it could be their mother, sister, or wife. Does this mean women should only be respected because they fulfil a particular role in society? I refuse to agree.

Also, what I find irksome about such videos is the fact that they have to be made so that people will believe the urgency of the situation that needs to be tackled. I once watched a video of a white woman who put on a burka so that she could understand how a Muslim woman feels when she walks the streets, and whether or not she is racially targeted. This is a massive problem, because it’s almost as if they don’t believe that bigotry and discrimination and harassment actually takes place.

But alas, we live in a world that fails to see anyone they deem to be inferior to them as human, and so such measures have to be taken.

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