Dubai Diaries

10347401_10153280273088708_5554435466140623854_n-3Dubai has been so much fun this time that I am so hesitant to leave, but I know I have to. Because of work and other stuff. And by other stuff I mean my University applications which have been pending for about five months now. Was I procrastinating or enjoying Nairobi too much to actually sit down and begin the application process? Aren’t those the exact same thing? I did try and apply but a few of my certificates were with my old uni and so I had to wait TWO months to get them here with me. Two months. Anyway, I am going to apply as soon as I get back. For real.

So, Dubai. Oh, Dubai. I love you, Dubai. It has just been so much fun, more calm and relaxed. I have been eating outside everyday since I came here – no joke. So, as you can imagine I have put on a lot of weight and by calculation I am actually over-weight…and for some reason I can’t shake the fact that my heart is at risk. So that’s another thing I have to do when I get back to Nairobi – sort out my health and make sure my heart is at a risk-free zone.

I met up with most of the people I had intended to, and it was fun. It is interesting to catch-up with old friends that you haven’t seen for over a year or longer, and to see where they are in their lives…and how similar or different a place they are from you in their lives. I really enjoyed talking to them about all sorts of things.

Photo on 23-04-2015 at 17.13Oh! And I have decided to start my own Youtube account where I will be reporting about all the events that I cover in Nairobi. I mean, its more coverage for me, and I guess practice as well. And all those are plus-points. I have also decided to include my event articles on here. So do enjoy…and as always, feedback would be much appreciated.

And then there was my beautiful and adorable cat, Roxanne. I love her so much. And of-course, my best friend, time spent with her is always marvellous. And my family, it was lovely being here with them. I love you, Dubai. Stay awesome and see you soon.

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