Unique Venues to Celebrate your Wedding

3312_1-1In the past, way before destination weddings became the norm; most weddings were celebrated in either religious-worship places or community centers. Ever since the advent of destination weddings, dream weddings are no longer an aspiration. Many couples have had their dream weddings materialize before them, be it by getting married under the scorching heat of Dubai or a beach wedding in the Caribbean, it’s all possible. But should wedding celebrations stop at just that? Surely there are many more places aside from an exotic and luxurious location that a wedding can be celebrated. And, if thought about creatively enough a wedding celebration can leave people talking for years about ‘that one unique wedding destination that was celebrated there’. So, what venues are unique?

 A Skype group chat wedding – Technology has undoubtedly taken over our lives, so why not honour our most favourite necessity. A Skype group-chat wedding is not only unique, it is also cost effective; all that is needed is an electronic device that can operate the application. And with it, people from all over the world can attend the wedding.

A wedding on the plane – Destination weddings are exciting, but imagine having a wedding in many destinations all under a span of six to 12 hours, and with a cost of less than what a destination wedding would cost. And, booking tickets way in advance not only cut the costs, but also ensures that everyone important can attend the wedding. Also, the final destination could be the honeymoon destination.

 An underwater wedding – Believe it or not, underwater weddings are a thing now. The idea of an underwater wedding is similar to that of scuba diving, with the exact same gear and equipment. And although not many people may be able to attend the wedding, the couple has the opportunity to start off their married lives with the beauty of life that resides underwater. And, the location that offers the service of underwater weddings could be the destination of the honeymoon.

 A wedding at home – This may or may not be classified as a unique wedding venue, but what better place is there to get married than the comfort of an individual’s own home. In addition, to make it more special or unique, the couple could celebrate the wedding at their own to-be home. The wedding need not take place insiWayloo_KritikalFlo_KSD_Weddings_bright05_lowde the actual home, maybe in the back-garden or some place within the vicinity of the couple’s residence.

Weddings in themselves are unique, because no two couples are ever the same. Sure, the idea of a wedding is the same, but the celebration is unique from one another in its own special way. The wedding destination can be unique, or it can be normal, all that matters is a successful celebration and a beautiful marriage.

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