Unique ways to Propose

marriage-proposal Wedding proposals have for so been a topic of excitement, each time a couple is newly wed the most common question that arises is that of the proposal. For years, men have done everything they possibly can to make their proposal different from others, but above all, to make it special. We are all well aware of the standard get-down-on-one-knee proposal; almost everyone will mention that in their stories, so what can be done to make a proposal unique?

First thing is first; destroy the idea that only the male gender should propose. If a woman is in love with a man, instead of waiting for him to propose, she should go ahead and do it. And perhaps do it in the way that he would have done it – the stereotypical proposal that occurs during a romantic candlelight dinner. This is unique solely because it is breaking the norms of gender expectations and gender stereotypes. But what else is more unique than this?

In the cinema – If an individual is into the whole movie making and media scene, then what better way is there to propose than by making a movie and airing it in a cinema full of strangers. The movie could be based on all the great times the couple has spent together – from the time they first started dating to now. The uniqueness of this would have everyone talking for days, and depending on its success, the proposal may even become a popular hashtag on social media.

Through social media – On average, we spend 80 percent of our time on the Internet, whether we’re checking the news or simply looking up movie timings, we are overly dependent on the Internet alone. So what better way is there to propose than by making use of the one thing that keeps us all moving? And there are just so many possibilities – a Tweet, a Facebook status, an Instagram post, anything.

Write a love letter – Remember the good old days of writing sheets upon sheets of love letters? Remember the excitement felt in reading those letters? Why not bring that excitement back by proposing through a love letter. To make it unique, the one proposing could go all-traditional by posting the letter in a post-box rather than handing it over to the one being proposed to. This letter could then be used as a lifetime memory of how the couple came to be married.

Treasure Hunt – Treasure hunts are always thrilling. The clues fill us up with so much anticipation that we are eager to see the end result of the treasure hunt. Imagine this excitement when the end result is a proposal. The one proposing could perhaps set up clues related to the couple themselves – proposalinside jokes, all their favourite places, anything. The end-result could then be at the individual with a ring or anything exciting along the lines of that.

At the end, all proposals are special in their own way, but if an individual can add a twist to their proposal then they should go forth with the idea. It will be a great story and a wonderful memory which the couple can take forward into their married life.


  1. I enjoyed reading this despite the fact that I don’t believe in marriage too much. Tbh I was surprised it came from you.
    Do people actually do the cinema one? The switching up the gender roles bit is a strong point for me. I think relationships are all about courage, from both partners.

    1. hahaha! again, this one was for work. basically uploading all my work on here so I get more exposure 🙂 I am not sure if people do the cinema one! yes they are about courage.

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